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Call and make an appointment at a time convenient to you.

Visits in home conditions.
Without the necessity of special preparations or organising transport.
The time suited to patient’s needs.
At a house call no one will tell you that your time has ended. The doctor will give you as much attention as you really need.
The comfort of waiting for a visit, no need to queue.
At home you will avoid meeting other sick patients and will not have to stress over your condition.

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Accommodating the patients’ needs I assure the

Highest standards

Each and every single patient requires respect, and their wellbeing is my priority. Staying true to the standards based on work ethics I bring help without barriers wherever needed.

Continuous improvement

I never rest on laurels. I always think I could and should know more. That is why I participate in conferences and trainings that raise my qualifications and broaden my skills.


Patients’ trust is always an honour. Keeping doctor patient confidentiality every day I strive for your trust without any disappoints.

Comprehensive actions

Every diagnosis is based on an in-depth interview and key questions. That is how I know the diagnosis is accurate and the treatment will bring effects.

Marta Korzińska
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At house calls you will get:
  • Commute to the address,
  • Diagnosis based on examination,
  • Recommendations and advice,
  • Ad hoc medication, injections, wound dressings,
  • Reimbursed prescriptions, sick notes, further examination referrals, certificates, hospital referrals.