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As a General Practitioner I provide my day to day services at a clinic. When there is a need I do house calls. I examine, I diagnose, I write down prescriptions and examination referrals. I just simply stand by and watch the health and lives of my patients.

There are situations when patient has limited access to the doctor’s office or does not have it at all but their condition does not qualify as emergency. In such situations it is a GP’s responsibility to get to their patient. To reach the patient and with the doctor’s calling bring help whenever needed. That is why my ambulatory treatment does not only lean on patients visiting the clinic, but also me – the doctor – visiting them in their homes also at the weekends and holidays.

During the year we visit patients in Szczecin. In the summer holiday season and during long weekends also tourist patients in the Baltic seaside strip between Międzyzdroje and Kołobrzeg. I ensure full patient respect and professionalism.

At house calls you will get
  • Commute to the address,
  • Diagnosis based on examination,
  • Recommendations and advice,
  • Ad hoc medication, injections, wound dressings,
  • Reimbursed prescriptions, sick notes, further examination referrals, certificates, hospital referrals.

I also provide respect for the patient and professionalism.

Marta Korzińksa